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      • +86 771 4019108
      • info@sugroup.cn

      Industry leader in sugar processing and centrifuge R & D

      XG series Batch centrifuge

      XG series Batch centrifuge

      A high-efficient, cost-effective batch centrifuge, has inherited the technical accumulation of Su Group in centrifuge research and development and application for more than 30 years. It is widely used in sugar, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries, with mature application experiences in solid-liquid separation of various materials under different states.
      Laser stainless steel working screen for continuou

      Laser stainless steel working screen for continuou

      Laser screen is made of stainless steel, with a tensile strength 1.5 times than the traditional nickel-chromium screen. It is wear resistance and not easy to tear. The service life of the laser screen is increased by 3 times more than that traditional nickel-chromium screen, and the shutdown time and maintenance costs of users are significantly reduced. The width of slot precisely cut by laser is even and delicate and the change of slot width is very slow in the whole life cycle. This characte
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